JERSEY CITY - Students showcased their inventions today at Jersey City's Liberty Science Center for TeleBrands' Student Inventors Day. Inventions from the sixth-grade students at Elizabeth's Jewish Educational Center included the Sci-Fizz, which puts the fizz back in beverages.

Students who helped create the invention say that a chemical reaction consisting of citric acid and baking soda will go through a tube and into the bottle to re-fizz the beverage.

Other inventions included Green Paws, created by a team from Littleton Elementary School in Parsippany. According to Arjun Nagendran, Green Paws are "dog shoes to protect them from damage and keep paws clean."

Green Paw took top honors and Sci-Fizz took second place. TeleBrands is the Fairfield-based company that created the "As Seen On TV" logo.