Students could face charges for ‘sexting’ in Bernards Township

Administrators recently found nude pictures of students on several cellphones. (5/12/14)

BERNARDS TOWNSHIP - Students in Bernards Township could face criminal charges and suspension beginning today if explicit pictures are found on their phones.

Administrators at William Annin Middle School say they recently found nude pictures of students on several cellphones. 

The district and the Bernards Township Police Department agreed on an arrangement that would allow students and families involved to handle the situation without the filing of any criminal charges, Superintendent of Schools Nick Markarian said in a note to parents. 

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Everyone involved was asked to delete all inappropriate content.

Markarian said starting Monday, anyone found with inappropriate pictures on their phone would face a 5-day suspension and any applicable criminal charges. 

School officials also asked parents to talk to their kids and review photos on their kids' phones and social media accounts.

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Should students who 'sext' face criminal charges?

Yes Schools should handle it Leave it to parents

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