WEST LONG BRANCH - Two generations came together to remember the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at Monmouth University Friday.

Students studying the historical event watched a documentary about a group of people who actually experienced it firsthand.

Riki Kass, 85, wondered how the students feel about Kennedy’s assassination, which she remembers like it was yesterday. She was at home in New Rochelle with her four children that day.

Kass is one of those interviewed in the video produced by the retirement community Seabrook. It was screened on the 50th anniversary, with seniors and students.

"If it was a video about Sept. 11, I think that would strike more emotions in people my age," says junior Jenna Ferraro, "but it's still interesting to learn about. I just don't think we have the same emotional reaction."

Others reflected on the enormity of what happened. "I think it's just a big deal. We lost a president," says sophomore Megan Poeschl.

Some believe losing that the president marked the beginning of a new, violent time in America. "It was just something that was just not real to me," says Gary Baldwin, who was a young man serving in the U.S. armed forces at the time of the assassination. "It makes you wonder what's happening, what's the world coming to?"