CAMDEN - A teen who is transgender is making national headlines after his family says he was denied enrollment at Camden Catholic High School when he decided to transition.

Mason Catrambone, 14, was accepted to the school earlier this year at Madelyn. But Mason transitioned from female to male over the summer.

Camden Catholic then denied his enrollment and said that the school could not provide accommodations because that would go against the school's religious beliefs.

Camden Catholic officials said in a statement, "By choosing a Catholic school, students and their parents must understand that this means the school environment is shaped by religious beliefs and behavior is governed accordingly... It was clear that we could not provide the accommodations, as they would contradict Catholic teaching on gender identity."

Catrambone is currently taking high school classes online, and says he hopes his story will help create change.

"I would definitely want the outcome to just be awareness,” he says. “I want to be the last transgender person they ever have to do this to."

A petition has been started to help support Catrambone’s cause.