TUCKERTON - Heavy rain and strong winds caused periods of coastal flooding at the Jersey Shore.

Tuckerton resident Vanessa Thomas says she had to sleep at a friend’s house Thursday night because her neighborhood along the bay saw heavy flooding.

“I couldn't come home because the water was so high. It was like knee-high,” she says.

A second high tide came in Friday morning, leading to more flooding in the community. Thomas says her neighborhood is in a low-lying area and is prone to flooding.

“Usually the cars are lined up on both sides of the streets.  Some people have to walk through the water to get home,” Thomas says.

Wind gusts of up to 36 mph pushed water from the bay up onto the streets. Many drivers in the area opted to turn around instead of driving through the flooded streets.

“I was just going to check my friend's boat at the marina, but I'm going to tell him that I couldn’t get to it.  I'll just make a phone call to the marina,” says Alex Damion of Little Egg Harbor.

The next two high tide cycles are expected to bring additional moderate coastal flooding.