RAHWAY - Strong storms left damage across New Jersey Monday.

Rahway was hit badly by the storm. There were reports of flooding in areas, along with multiple downed electrical wires and uprooted trees. Several residents shared photos on social media that showed that the winds knocked over or badly damaged lawn furniture and other outdoor items.

Strong winds are believed to be the cause of a barn collapse in Asbury, Warren County. The property owner tells News 12 New Jersey that her niece says that a tornado lifted the barn off of the ground. However, a tornado has not been confirmed by the National Weather Service. The owner says that this is the second barn the family has lost to weather damage.

A 26-year-old woman was electrocuted by fallen wires in Fanwood. Police say that a tree fell on her car and when she tried to get out, she was shocked. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The severe weather also caused thousands of New Jersey residents to lose power. Utility companies were reporting nearly 16,000 people without power in the state as of 9 p.m.