WEST MILFORD - Greenwood Lake, which surrounds Storms Island in West Milford, is scheduled to be partially drained for maintenance in October.

During past drawdowns, the Greenwood Lake Commission has installed a temporary bridge so that residents could get to their jobs, the grocery store or pick up their mail. Now the commission says it doesn't have the $40,000 to spend on a bridge.

For about five months, homeowners will have to choose if they want to be on the island or off. Right now, homeowners can take a short boat ride to wherever they're headed, but once the draining begins, there will only be water in the middle of the lake and about 100 feet from either side will be mud.

The homeowners say that if the commission won't pay for a bridge, the town of West Milford should because they pay property taxes. The town administrator had no comment on the issue.