PRINCETON - Nearly 10,000 homes and businesses in New Jersey are without electricity due to downed power lines and fallen tree limbs caused by Wednesday’s icy storm.

The state's largest utility, PSE&G, is reporting about 8,000 customers without service, mostly in Mercer County.

Power has returned to some customers in Lawrence Township, where the Boyle family waited in stride.

"We've got the Barbie's out, the cars," Brian Boyle told News 12. "The old school toys is what we're trying to do."

Outages popped up all over the area as frozen branches snapped under the weight of heavy snow and ice. Areas of Princeton had entire trees blocking the roadways.

"We have a neighborhood with one way in and one way out and when the trees come down, which they do, it's awfully hard on older people and frail people," says Dick Sword, of Princeton.

Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert says the outages may continue into the night. "We're very concerned about the weather forecast for tonight which also calls for wind," she says. 

The town's Department of Public Works will stagger shifts overnight, to make sure they address any problems that arise, according to Princeton Police Sgt. Michael Cifelli.

JCP&L has more than 1,300 customers without power. 

Atlantic City Electric is reporting only a few hundred customers without service. Many of them are in Salem County.

The utility companies have power crews working to identify the problems and make repairs as soon as possible. A spokesperson for PSE&G says some customers may not be restored until Friday.