UNION TOWNSHIP - The mystery of a lost engagement ring has been solved, with a little help from a store surveillance system.

Amira Faress says she lost her diamond ring while grocery shopping at Stop and Shop in Union Township on Jan. 5.

Faress says workers told her they saw a customer pick up something from the floor that could have been a ring. She filed a police report and Detective Donald Cook began to investigate the case.

Cook poured over hours of surveillance video until he found the man picking up an item. He then used information generated by the supermarket's computer systems to track down the customer. "Just putting things together with what he purchased with receipts," Cook says. "When they scanned his Stop and Shop card, I was able to get the information of where that person resided."

"To me they went above and beyond," Faress says. "I'm a happy woman. I have my ring back." Faress is getting married in July.

Detective Cook says the customer who picked up the ring said he held on to it, waiting for someone to put up a lost and found poster.