PARAMUS - A stolen sign is back where it belongs thanks to a post on social media.

Last month, someone stole the "Welcome to Paramus" sign that was located at Grove Street near Midland Avenue. The sign also had a plaque that said "Home of the 2011 Little League Champions."

Paramus's mayor and the police department were stumped as to who stole the 100-pound sign.

"I appreciated why someone would want to grab something with the name 'Paramus' on it, but obviously it's not the right thing to do," says Paramus Mayor Richard LaBarbiera.

On Monday, after the sign had been missing for nearly a month, the Paramus Police Department posted on their Facebook Page about the missing sign, and that's when they got a break in the case.

"This morning we put it on Facebook, and by this afternoon we got a call from a couple of teenagers who said they saw it in the woods of the Glen Rock area of Saddle River County Park," says Paramus Police Sgt. John Devine.

Police officers went out to the park and that's where they found the sign, more than a mile from where it was stolen.

While police and Mayor LaBarbiera admit the stolen sign was probably a harmless prank, they do warn that it is a crime. The people responsible for stealing the sign could face charges, but Paramus officials say they are not planning on pursuing the case any further.