Eric T. Kanefsky, Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs:

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is gathering information to determine whether any violations exist in our State with regard to the sale of motor oil. New Jersey’s county Consumer Affairs and Weights and Measures offices are determining whether the products subject to recent stop-sale or stop-use orders in North Carolina and Michigan are being sold in our state. Any such products being sold here will be analyzed and, if violations exist, the State will take appropriate action. We have also reached out to the Petroleum Quality Institute of America for additional information as to its concerns. 

Michael Loucopoulos, Raceway Petroleum, Inc.:

I’d like to reiterate that we have both company operated stations and leasing agent operated stations. The two locations you mentioned you had concerns about the quality of oil being sold in located in Edison are both leasing agent operated locations. As I mentioned earlier, we control the quality and type of gasoline sold at the leasing agent sites, however the leasing agents control any items sold in the stores such as cigarettes, candy, soda, milk, motor oil, antifreeze, tires, etc. We provide our leasing agents with a preferred vendor list but they are not obligated to use these vendors. Our lease does state
specifically that the leasing agents must adhere to all local, state and federal agency rules and regulations.
We only sell API SN rated motor oil at all of our company operated stores to assure ourselves that any customer purchasing oil at any of our company stores will receive motor oil that meets or exceeds manufacturers suggested requirements for any car that is currently on the road. Although I don’t believe any laws weren’t broken by our leasing agents allegedly selling a lesser grade of oil, we will have our field operations people educate them on the different grades of motor oil and ask that they at least also offer for sale at all of their stores API SN rated motor oil as an option for their customers.
Here at Raceway, we not only strive to offer our customers quality gasoline at a great price but we also take pride in providing our customers with a positive experience with friendly service and quality convenience items every time coming to one of our stations.