TRENTON - Two New Jersey State Troopers are being hailed as heroes after they helped a family in distress and saved the life of their son.

Troopers James Hearne and Ruben Benavidez had just pulled out after a traffic stop Sunday on Route 129 at around 4:30 p.m. when the family of Julian Estrada frantically flagged them down.

The child was choking and family members were unable to help. "We almost thought we were going to lose him until the state troopers arrived," says Julian's father, Filadelfo Estrada.

The troopers jumped out of their car and into action. Dash cam video was rolling as one officer performed the Heimlich maneuver while the other secured the scene.

Hearne says they happened to be there just in time. "Right at the exact time," he says. "They said they were pulled over for about a minute or two, and happened to see us driving by and waved us down."

Benavidez says Julian's mom was panicking. "It's always hard coming up to a situation like that," says Benavidez. "Everybody's going a little crazy and frantic, but I was able to communicate to her and calm her down."

The Estradas say their son is still alive thanks to a little luck and a lot of skill from the state troopers.