EDISON - Chief John Dough, of the Essex County Sheriff's Department, is accused of double dipping. Dough was previously investigated by Kane in Your Corner and following the report, he's now being investigated by the state.

The head of the State Police and Firefighter's Pension Board, John Sierchio, says he saw the Kane in Your Corner investigation and was stunned by what he learned about Dough. Now, at Sierchio's request, the Treasury Department is investigating him.

As reported on in the investigation, Dough wears a chief's uniform and has testified as chief before Congress. He also reportedly ran day-to-day operations. According to research conducted by the website New Jersey Watchdog, Dough also collects a pension from the Newark Police Department.The sheriff's department insists it did nothing wrong. Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura told Kane in Your Corner that "Chief" is just short for "Chief Warrant Officer."

Investigators are now looking at others, including Mickey Donavan, the former chief warrant officer in Monmouth County. Donovan was hired by former Sheriff Kim Guadagno, who is now lieutenant governor.

Essex County official may have improperly collected nearly $1M