TRENTON - Lawmakers met for a rare September voting session at the State House Monday to discuss major issues, including medical marijuana.

The Legislature responded to actions taken by Gov. Chris Christie on several bills during today's session.

The Assembly agreed to Christie's changes to the bill, paving the way for edible versions of marijuana for children.

Jennie Stormes, whose son suffers from a seizure disorder, says it's a good start. "Edibles need to be available to all children, all disabled people who qualify for the program, not just children," she says.

The bill heads back to Christie's desk to sign.

The Assembly also passed a bill to require law enforcement agencies to keep a database on guns collected by police. It had been sent back by Christie.

A third bill passed by the Assembly today targets home invasions. Lawmakers felt compelled to push through a law to toughen penalties on home invaders after the terrifying attack on a Milburn woman that was caught on surveillance video. The bill lengthens prison terms for convicted home invaders, who often avoided jail time when charges were reduced to simple burglary.

Assemblyman John Bramnick says home invaders will now face prison terms of up to 10 to 30 years. "Burglars out in New Jersey got a free ride if they were in your home, today that ends," he says.

The Senate will meet Thursday to give final approval to the gun database and home invasion bills, as well as a major economic development program.