TRENTON - Police say an attempted carjacking and chase that made its way into Trenton was stopped by unusual backup.

Police say William Alvino, 55, led an officer on a chase into Trenton Wednesday morning, crashed the stolen minivan he was driving and took off on foot.

Maggie Knight, a state fire marshal, happened to see what was going on and got out of her car to help the officer involved in the chase. Authorities say Alvino was able to wrench himself free and jumped in Knight's car.

Knight explains to News 12 New Jersey that she fought with Alvino, attempting to turn the car off and get the keys. Knight says she got the keys out of the car, got around the other side and the officer had Alvino handcuffed to her steering wheel.

Lawrence Township police say Knight was a big help and may have prevented the suspect from driving off, dragging the officer with him. The suspect is now facing charges of receiving stolen property, eluding and resisting arrest and attempted auto theft.