TRENTON - The New Jersey Assembly Transportation Committee held a hearing Monday looking for updates on the Pulaski Skyway project.

The multimillion-dollar construction project is currently behind schedule and over budget, more than a year and a half after it began. The committee heard testimony from those who have been affected by the ongoing project.

"The congestion and delays in Hudson County have become increasingly disruptive for many businesses and residents,” said Maria Nieves of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce.

Nieves represents about 800 of the county’s local businesses. Business owners tell her that they have been losing money while the project has been ongoing. The skyway was only supposed to be shut down for two years.

Representatives from the Department of Transportation have previously blamed the delays on last year’s rough winter. They also say that the deterioration of the skyway was worse than anticipated.

The entire project was estimated to cost $1.2 billion, but lawmakers say it looks closer to $2 billion.

The head of the DOT was invited to speak at Monday’s hearing, but did not show. The agency has said it still expects the project to be complete by the end 2016.