NEWARK - A gray squirrel originally from New Jersey arrived home Sunday after a trip to Colorado.

In February, Todd Kuchman, found the sick squirrel in New Jersey while working behind a house and started nursing it back to health. Three days later, Kuchman got the squirrel through TSA screening and took it on a flight from Washington, D.C. to Colorado.

According to Colorado's wildlife code, the squirrel couldn't stay because he wasn't a native. He would either have to be sent back or euthanized.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife paid for the aptly-named Jersey Boy's $91 ticket back to New Jersey.

Jersey Boy was carted into Terminal C at Newark LIberty Airport Sunday, and claimed by Hope Davison, who runs Wild Baby Rescue.

"He'll go to outside pre-release caging. He'll learn to be a squirrel. He'll get a family and then he'll be released in an area for gray squirrels, "said Davison