LAKE HOPATCONG - Rumors have been flying about a possible anaconda snake in Lake Hopatcong, but only a handful of people are reported to have seen it.

Wildlife officials have set out traps all over the lake, but haven't caught anything so far.  The DEP sent in experts to search, but there were no signs of the massive reptile.

"I heard the captain of the Miss Lotta had seen it out by the point right around where we're standing," Dave Watts told News 12 New Jersey.

"There's no pictures of it, and there's no physical evidence, so I don't really know," Watts says. "I mean, I believe that it's here." 

The threat of an anaconda is making some boaters and swimmers squeamish.

"We come here about every year," says Eunsook Kong. "This is our first time this summer to go on the boat and go swimming and have fun... I don't want to go in the water."

Linda Tedesco worked the anaconda pit at the carnival when she was a teenager and doesn't believe the hype. "I dealt with them and I know what they're like," she says. "If it's an anaconda, as cold as it has been, they would've gotten it." 
Hopatcong police issued a statement denying the rumors of an anaconda.