EDISON - There’s already talk that if Hillary Clinton became the Democratic nominee, Sen. Cory Booker could be her choice for vice president.

Booker is a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton. He'll hit the campaign trail for her later this week in New Hampshire.

"You know, it's flattering to hear the talk but let's get serious,” says Booker. “This is about the primaries, winning right now. She's in a tough fight."

Booker, the former mayor of Newark, has a long history with Clinton, though he supported President Barack Obama over her back in 2008.

Ashley Koning, of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University, says the 46-year-old Booker could help Clinton with an important demographic.

"He's a Twitter hero, he's a snow-shoveling hero,” says Koning. “That's the lore about Cory Booker outside of New Jersey. They're seeing all these acts that he's done in New Jersey and that would perhaps translate well into the youth vote."

Booker kept the door open Monday to any opportunity to join the presidential ticket. To fuel more speculation, Booker has a memoir on his political life coming out this month, called "United."

Booker says in addition to campaigning for Clinton in New Hampshire, he plans to campaign in the southern states later in the primary season.