HOWELL TOWNSHIP - The Monmouth County SPCA rescued a dozen dogs, as well as two horses that were allegedly living in deplorable conditions in Howell Township.

Officials say animal control officers were called to investigate a horse running loose in town and determined that it came from a home located at 834 Fort Plains Road.

When officers returned the horse, they found another horse and 12 dogs living in what they say were dirty conditions.

SPCA officials say the dogs were suffering from severe matting, overgrown nails, skin and ear infections, visible tumors and were covered in fleas.

The animals’ owner agreed to turn them over to officials. The owner will also be charged with several counts of animal cruelty.

Veterinarians have begun to vaccinate, deworm and microchip the dogs. The horses were taken to a nearby farm.

SPCA officials are asking the public for donations to provide treatment for the animals.