KEANSBURG - The chief of the Monmouth County SPCA says he and his crews have been busy during the heat wave, investigating reports of animal abuse.

Buddy Amato says many calls are for animals left to fend for themselves in backyards without proper shade or water.

"The bowl should be at the end of the chain or even tied to the tree," Amato says. "Nice and high strapped in there with a tether so he can't tip it over and he can go over and drink it."

Amato spends part of the day on beach patrol, checking for dogs left in cars while people are at the beach. He says people mistakenly think the cars will stay cool enough for their pets.

Amato used a thermometer to illustrate just how hot a parked car can get. "I'm going to go to the lowest part of the car, which is the coolest part of the car: the floor board. It's really 124 degrees."

Amato says there have been 10 cases of dogs being left in cars in Monmouth County alone, and with the summer being only half over, he expects there will be plenty more.

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