EATONTOWN - Authorities say they've busted an alleged puppy mill in Monmouth County, where the dogs were kept in deplorable conditions. The pit bulls are now in the care of the Monmouth County SPCA. Officials say one of the pit bulls was 15 pounds under weight.

Officials say the dog, Dwayne Morris, 32, was charged with failing to properly feed and care for the dog. Animal officers say it was the discovery of that dog that led them to three other dogs living in deplorable conditions at Morris' Eatontown residence.

According to the SPCA, the three pit bulls were discovered living cooped in a cage in Morris' backyard, covered by an icy tarp. A male dog had bloodied paws, officials say, and the two females looked like they had recently delivered pups.

The SPCA says they were being over-bred and that it had warned Morris in the past about the dogs' living conditions. Morris himself could not be reached for comment.

All four dogs are now up for adoption.