SOUTH PLAINFIELD - Borough council members in South Plainfield are asking the state to remove red-light cameras at two intersections after drivers claim they're wasting money.

Council members voted Tuesday night on a resolution urging the state to take action.

According to the Alternative Press, accidents have risen by 50 percent within 100 feet of the intersections, and have doubled within 500 feet. Drivers admit they occasionally stop short at yellow lights to avoid getting a ticket, only to get rear-ended by the car behind them.

Additionally, Mayor Matthew Anesh says none of the money collected through red-light tickets actually makes it down to the community. He says the payments are split between the camera company, Middlesex County and Piscataway, which borders South Plainfield.

Meanwhile, Piscataway Mayor Brian Wahler says the cameras have made the streets safer, adding that the vote is an election ploy by South Plainfield politicians.