EDISON - A white South Carolina police officer charged with murder in the shooting of an unarmed black man has roots in New Jersey.

Officer Michael Slager, 33, could face the death penalty in a case that is the focus of even more attention on the use of deadly force by police. In video captured by a bystander, 50-year-old Walter Scott is seen running away from the officer with what appears to be Tazer wires trailing him. Slager then reportedly fires off eight shots.

Authorities say Scott, who had been stopped for a broken tail light, was struck by four bullets and then handcuffed as he lies motionless on the ground.

According to information pulled from North Charleston Police Department records, Slager was a graduate of Lenape High School in Medford, Burlington County. Slager also reportedly worked as a waiter for six years in Voorhees before joining the United States Coast Guard.

The mayor of North Charleston announced Wednesday that Slager was fired from the police department.

Slager's wife is eight months pregnant, according to the North Charleston police chief. Despite Slager's firing, the chief says his family will continue to receive health coverage.