SOUTH BRUNSWICK - Administrators of South Brunswick schools announced during a board meeting Monday that the superintendent was placed on administrative leave. 

News that Dr. Jerry Jellig was placed on leave came as teachers and parents protested outside Crossroads North Middle School to demand accountability and action over the superintendent's leadership in South Brunswick.

"Tonight is about accountability," said John Lolli, president of the South Brunswick Education Association. "We want to return to a time when South Brunswick was the pride of every district, and we feel like now there's a strain."

Last November, members of the South Brunswick teachers' union filed several grievances against the administration for alleged unfair labor practices. The grievances allege that Superintendent Jellig habitually intimidated teachers and union members with differing views. Two of the grievances are now in arbitration. Union representatives also claim there has been inappropriate and unprofessional administrative conduct, questionable spending habits and anti-union behavior. 

School board members appointed Richard Chromey as the new acting superintendent.