EDISON - Hackers have made their way into Sony PlayStation's online network and the company admits they may have also obtained personal information from users.

The network has more than 70 million users worldwide. Sony says that personal data, passwords, answers to online questions, as well as credit card information may have been stolen because of the attack.

Players have gone without the system that connects them to other users in live games worldwide for a week. Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) has worked on identity theft legislation and says it should be a big concern for gamers.

Sony says it's hired an outside firm to investigate and is in the process of rebuilding the system. It also has promised greater protection.

In order to protect themselves, users of Sony PlayStation's online network can: - Change passwords and answers to online questions.- Check online accounts.- If you use the same password across different game systems or online applications, change those passwords too.- Keep track of bank account activity and consider alerting your bank that you've made purchases through Sony's network.