TOMS RIVER - Rumbling and shaking along the coast Thursday had most people believing we were experiencing an earthquake.

But in fact, the noises were sonic booms from U.S. Navy testing fighter jets. 

The Department of Defense confirmed the Navy was testing F35C fighter jets just off the coast.

It happened nine times.

Officials say a sonic boom occurs anytime an airplane travels faster than the speed of sound.

The jet is based out of a Naval Air Station in Maryland, and it was undergoing testing parallel to the coast in an area known as the Test Track. 

"Two or three minutes later the ground shook and he says, 'did you feel that?' and I said, 'not only did I feel it, I saw your whole house shake,'" says Ken Schuster, of Little Egg Harbor.

The Department of Defense released a statement saying, "Test aircraft from the naval air station execute supersonic flights almost daily in the test track and most are never felt on land."

The US Geological Survey also confirmed there was absolutely no seismic activity in New Jersey, ruling out anymore skeptics that this was an earthquake.