JERSEY CITY - Tenants of Lexington Manor Apartments in Jersey City say a broken elevator has been inconvenient and annoying, but one man says a broken elevator may have cost his mother her life.
The elevator in the building at 11 Lexington Ave. has not worked in months, and residents say it has now become a safety issue after paramedics trying to save a heart attack victim were forced to use the stairs.

Marial Gonzales, 61, is on life support, and according to her son, not expected to recover, after suffering a heart attack inside her fourth-floor apartment Wednesday afternoon.

Rafael Soto says paramedics were forced to carry his mother down a narrow stairway. Soto says it took nearly 35 minutes.

"Time is critical," he says.

Toya Daniels is a certified nursing assistant. She says she helped perform CPR on Gonzales but then watched the woman's condition deteriorate as emergency responders struggled to get their patient down the stairs. "The longer it took, the more purple she got," she says.

Soto says his mother is not the only disabled tenant in the building. They have difficulty using the stairs, so their trash often ends up in the hallway.

The building manager declined a request for comment, but tenants say they have made repeated requests to have the elevator fixed.