EDISON - The Port Authority says that the proposed toll hikes are due to the funds needed to rebuild the World Trade Center and increase security.

However, Kane in Your Corner spoke with some people who say they suspect Port Authority salaries are the reason for the proposed toll hike.

A report from the Empire Center for New York State Policy says the Port Authority pays some of the most generous salaries and benefits of any public sector employer. More than a third of the Port Authority's 7,000 employees make six figures or more.

A Port Authority spokesman tells Kane in Your Corner that there is no link between the high salaries and benefits and the proposed hike. He blames most of the overtime on security issues, which he says the toll increase will help to control.

Despite its criticism of the high salaries at the Port Authority, the Empire Center says it does not believe those salaries are directly related to the planned toll increases. The Empire Center says the salaries have been high for a long time and the toll increase would be new.