NEWARK - Southwest Airlines has grounded about 70 flights at airports across the U.S. today, after two safety scares since Friday.

A Southwest flight was diverted to Los Angeles last night after some passengers reported a burning electrical smell. The airline says that plane is undergoing an inspection.

There was another Southwest scare on Friday, when a 5-foot-long hole tore open in a plane?s passenger cabin mid-flight, thousands of feet above the ground. Company representatives say that plane made an emergency landing in Arizona and no one was injured.

Over the weekend, some 600 planes were grounded for safety checks. Officials reported today that three more Southwest jetliners have small, subsurface cracks, which may have played a role in Friday?s cabin tear.

Southwest, which began flying out of Newark last month, has canceled only one flight out of that airport today: a 5:55 p.m. flight to Chicago.

Southwest Airlines begins flying out of Newark Airport