ELIZABETH - The average teacher in New Jersey earns more than $60,000 a year. A Kane in Your Corner undercover investigation found some of those teachers are paid to do next to nothing, resulting in districts wasting millions of tax dollars a year.

The teachers, like the ones that Kane in Your Corner spoke with, are sent to so-called "rubber rooms."

Teachers in "rubber rooms" are awaiting disciplinary action. Some teachers Kane in Your Corner spoke with said privately that there isn't enough administrative work to keep them busy.

"Rubber-room" teachers in Elizabeth said they did little in the rooms other than read and sit there. Some of the teachers report to the rooms and sit there every day for months.

The New Jersey Education Association recently proposed a reform plan that it says would speed things up, by putting tenure cases in front of an arbitrator, instead of a judge. Opponents say the union's plan isn't enough. They say firing bad teachers just needs to be easier.