TOMS RIVER - Some local school budgets will now get passed in New Jersey without voter approval. A new law signed a few weeks ago allows districts to move elections for board members to November. In the past, those elections have been held in April. The change allows districts to pull their budgets off the ballot if the increase they are asking for is less than 2 percent.

The school board in Toms River is among the more than 200 districts in the state making the switch. A spokeswoman for the district says it will save taxpayers about $100,000 per year in election costs.

Tammi Millar, the district spokeswoman, says the move will also get more people to participate in the process. However, voters News 12 New Jersey spoke with say they feel they're getting squeezed out of the decision-making. They say they should have a voice on how their taxpayer dollars should be spent.