MANVILLE - Thousands in New Jersey are still cleaning up damage almost two months after Hurricane Irene swept through the area.

For those in Bound Brook, flooding was less severe than predicted. Officials say their flood-control plan, decades in the making, finally paid off. On the opposite side of the spectrum, those in Manville say the flooding was worse than it has ever been before.

Two Manville residents, Bruce Moody and Joan Everett, are still cleaning up the damage six weeks later. Moody and Everett say they believe that the levees around Bound Brook made things worse for them.

Karen O'Neill, a Rutgers professor who has written several books on flood control, says Moody and Everett could be spot on with the levees. O'Neill believes the flood walls often just move the water from one community to another, stating Bound Brook?s levees are a textbook example.

Similar complaints were voiced from Wayne and Pompton Lakes, although O'Neill says the proof is not clear in those cases. The Army Corps of Engineers denies that its flood-control projects have made anything worse, stating that Hurricane Irene was just a really big storm.