TEANECK - A large solar panel array collapsed under the weight of heavy snow and ice Saturday night at a school in Teaneck.

The collapse at Bryant Elementary did not cause any injuries or damage to nearby cars.

Electrical engineers will be determining if the solar panels can be saved. A crane will be used to assist in the cleanup of the area.

The school is closed on Monday.

Other structures across the state have experienced similar roof collapses, after multiple snowfalls and minimal melting.

Paul Hutt, owner of HomePro Inspections in Teaneck, says wet snow can be twice as dense as fluffy snow. He also believes that roofs on many homes and businesses may be nearing the limit of their capacity.

Hutt recommends the installation of heat cables to melt snow, though they can be expensive.

"It's cheaper than repairing a collapsed structure," said Hutt.

He said a roof rake, with long a long extending telescopic pole, could also help alleviate snow buildup.

Authorities say rooftop snow removal should be left to the experts, due to its dangerous nature.