TRENTON - More than 25 years after her disappearance, the case of a kidnapped baby girl is getting a new type of attention.

Melissa McGuinn was just 7 months old when she was taken from her family home at 637 Lamberton St. in Trenton on March 6, 1988. 
Melissa was taken by a special needs housemate named Wanda Reed, who gave conflicting stories as to her whereabouts. Family members believe she was sold for adoption and may be unaware of her own history.

Her family never has never given up hope that she is still alive. Melissa is back in the spotlight, thanks in part to social media and her family.
Half-brothers Michael O'Conner and Robert Bruner, were living in another state with different families when she was born and kidnapped. Both have re-connected with the family and say they are working with New Jersey state police, and Melissa's mother, Becky.  

They are using social media, a tool that wasn't around in 1988. A picture of O'Conner holding a poster with pictures of his sister and a plea for her return has gone viral. 

"I was amazed how many shares, I want to say 70,000 now who have shared that poster," O'Conner says.

In recent months, blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts have been created to promote Melissa's story. 

Bruner says it all has helped bring more attention to the case, and more hope to his family. "If she sees it, or sees the pictures," he says. "It's gonna click in her head. If she's still alive, we want to meet her, know her."

State police took over the case in 2008. Detectives say say social media has helped them find new leads.