NEWARK - Traveling around New Jersey Thursday is no picnic as another snow event bears down on the state. 

New Jersey Transit customers will have some options for the morning commute. The agency announced a full, system-wide cross-honoring for Thursday.  However, customers are urged to check the NJ Transit website before traveling because conditions could cause delays or service disruptions.

Amtrak has announced train schedules along the Northeast Corridor will be adjusted to accommodate the weather. Most of these adjustments will be made between New York City and Washington, D.C. Travelers are urged to check the Amtrak website before leaving.

Many travelers flying out of the state Wednesday were leaving early before the flights were delayed or canceled.

Rose Fisher, of Hamilton, is tired of the New Jersey winter, so she and her friends moved up their flight to Florida.

"We decided yesterday with the weather coming in, we've got to get out of town,” she says. “We’re going to…play golf for five days and see the sun.”

According to the website, airlines at Newark Liberty International Airport canceled over 100 inbound and outbound flights Wednesday. Those cancellations are expected to increase today.