HOLMDEL - Snowblowers are great options to move all the snow we've seen this season, but they can be dangerous if operated incorrectly.

Doctors at Bayshore Hospital in Holmdel say hand injuries caused by snowblowers are very common this time of year.

The American Society for Surgery of the Hand recommends that people take the proper precautions to prevent hand-related injuries while removing snow this winter. The organization says injuries are largely caused when the operator attempts to clean the clogged exit chute with hands. 

To prevent hand injuries, the ASSH suggests the following safety tips if your snowblower jams: 
-Turn it off
-Never put your hand down the chute or around the blades
-Disengage clutch
-Wait five seconds after shutting machine off to allow impeller blades to stop rotating
-Always use a stick or broom handle to clear impacted snow. Never use your hand
-Keep all shields in place. Do not remove the safety devices on the machine
-Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts
-Keep a clear head, concentrate, and do not drink before using your snowblower

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