GLEN ROCK - Snow on the roads isn't the biggest hazard drivers face as they travel New Jersey streets. Drivers say snowbanks are piled so high that they can't see around them.

Residents also tell News 12 New Jersey the abundance of snow makes streets more narrow and difficult to maneuver through.

The snowbanks along David Struss' driveway in Franklin Lakes were so tall that he couldn't see oncoming traffic as he was pulling out. "I actually lowered it, because I have a handicapped daughter who can't see over the banks," he says. "We live on a very busy street.  So obviously we have to take care of it."

Terry Blevin, of Glen Rock, says backing out of his driveway has become a problem. "I have to back up and it takes about 2 to 3 turns," he says. "Because of the way they've plowed it, the street is maybe about one traffic lane wide instead of two."

Off-ramps and and highway shoulders have shrunk too as plow trucks run out of places to put the snow. Parking is limited at some shopping centers. "It's hard to even get in and find spots because a lot of spots are taken by snowbanks," says Janet Brancato, of Glen Rock.

The piled up snow has created similar challenges for pedestrians, as sidewalks turn into narrow canyons.