VERONA - A new app can help figure out the odds that a school will call for a snow day.

David Sukhin, of Watchung, created the Snow Day Calculator app. By putting a zip code into the app, it can calculate the chance for a snow day for the next two days.

Sukhin spoke to News 12 New Jersey about its creation from his dorm room at MIT.

“It pulls down the weather information,” he says. “Then it uses all these extra factors like how fast a certain area might clear up the roads or how strict the superintendent is.”

Sukin says the app also knows how many snow days the district has already used and takes that into account.

Verona High School junior Patrick Citrano and his friends have been using the app and really enjoy it.

"We have had pretty good success with it,” Citrano says. “Usually we are at 99 percent which guarantees [snow days] and both of those times we had [one]."

The Snow Day Calculator can be downloaded for 99 cents from the app store.