GROVER'S MILL - One of the most famous radio news broadcasts ever produced was heard 75 years ago Wednesday - only problem is it wasn't true.

The "War of the Worlds" continues to capture the imagination in the town it made famous, Grover's Mill, New Jersey. It is a picturesque town, but was never invaded by aliens, as indicated in Orson Welles' hoax radio spot on Oct. 30, 1938.

Frank Lutz says he heard the broadcast at age 6 and came to see for himself. "They were all excited," he says. "I remember that there was a lot of excitement in the house."

Radio Once More reflected on the program, and how New Jersey was at the center of it all. "Howard Koch, who wrote the play, actually put up a road atlas, closed his eyes…and got Grover's Mill," says Ken Stockinger.

In Grover's Mill, there is a commemorative plaque marking New Jersey's alien apocalypse.

It's estimated that millions heard the radio broadcast in 1938. The entire recording is stored at the Library of Congress.