CLIFFSIDE PARK - A small businessman from North Jersey is taking the town of West New York to a collections agency. When the town didn't pay up, the businessman got Kane in Your Corner to help.

Joe Villanella says he has been waiting for the town to pay him since last July. Villanella runs a printing business out of his basement, so he says he was excited when West New York picked him to design stationary for its new administration.

Villanella says the town made partial payment, but still owes him about $6,000. Villanella says he's submitted bills seven times. He finally got so fed up last month that he called in a collection agency.

Within days, the town's legal department responded with a letter saying it was disputing the charges.

It turns out that Villanella may not be the only one having problems. The former township attorney tells Kane in Your Corner that West New York is behind in paying several of its vendors, although the town's current legal department insists that's not the case.

The assistant town attorney says, "There's often a lag time between submission of the bill and payment. It usually takes 90 days but it can take longer sometimes." He also says, "I know the clerk is dealing with the issue."