AVON-BY-THE-SEA - Some tiny creatures have invaded the Jersey Shore, but beachgoers need not fear them.

The transparent bean-sized globs are called salps or sea walnuts. They are often mistaken for jellyfish eggs, but they are actually a smaller kind of jellyfish. They do not sting, but they do feel a little strange.

"It's like being covered in a grape jelly sandwich," says Abby Funicello, of Manalapan. 

Others say it feels like swimming in vegetable soup. 

Salps don't usually visit the Jersey Shore until late August, but hot weather and an east wind have brought them in from Sandy Hook to Cape May.
To stay clear of them, avoid foam in the water, which is how the sea walnuts appear when they are clumped together.

The DEP says salps can actually be beneficial to the water by helping to remove bacteria.

Cooler weather and a shift of wind typically drives them back out to sea.