JACKSON - Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson stopped by News 12 New Jersey and brought along some cool creatures featured at the theme park.

Animal training supervisors David Peranteau and Staci Wheeler showed off a sloth, baby-bearded dragon, macaw, iguana and a giant Flemish rabbit.

The critters are just a few of the 1,200 animals visitors can see at the park's Safari Off Road Adventure.

"We open at 10:30, so I would get there as early as you can, especially with Fright Fest upon us now," says Peranteau. "The lines are getting big. It takes about an hour to get through on the minimum. If you stop by at our camp, which is halfway through, you get to feed giraffes, take a zipline ride, see these amazing animals and have a blast. It's a great family adventure."

For more on the new Six Flags attraction, watch the Pet Stop this weekend.