JACKSON TOWNSHIP - Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in Jackson is planning to build a 15-story roller coaster.

The ride will be named after DC Comics superhero Green Lantern.

Click ?NEXT? to take a virtual ride on the planned Green Lantern roller coaster.

Officials announced that the ride will be 154-feet tall and reach speeds of up to 63 mph. The coaster will offer a two-minute ride and will begin with a 45-degree vertical drop before rocketing riders through five loops.

"Six Flags is home to many of the biggest roller coasters in the world and Green Lantern brings a new dimension of thrills," said John Fitzgerald, park president.

"Green Lantern is guaranteed to deliver a smooth, white-knuckled adventure - but this time standing up while upside down," Fitzgerald said in a statement.

The new coaster is slated to debut in Spring 2011 in the Boardwalk section of the park.