OLD BRIDGE - After today's double bus crash that sent more than a dozen people to the hospital, residents who regularly travel along the road say it's always been dangerous.

The driver of the Academy Bus involved in today's two-bus accident is expected to recover.

He was driving the morning route from Lakewood to Wall Street when the bus struck a school bus from behind and drove off the highway and into a tree and utility pole.

Up to 16 passengers of the roughly 34 passengers aboard the Academy Bus were treated at local hospitals. There were no children aboard the school bus at the time of the accident, just the driver and the bus aide.

People who live and travel along that stretch of Route 9 say that the route is extremely dangerous. 

Old Bridge Mayor Owen Henry says the bus lane was installed at the request of commuters who said that driving conditions were scary when the road was shared by buses and cars.

Locals say that for drivers unaware of the road or the bus lane rules, drivers may not know to look out for buses riding on the shoulder and be sideswiped.

Middlesex County Prosecutor's office is currently reviewing video from the accident to determine the cause.