NEWARK - Many suburban and rural areas of the Garden State are still waiting for streets to be cleared of snow and ice.

Northern New Jersey didn't get the foot or more of snow that other areas experienced, but each community saw heavy accumulations.

Main roads in Clifton and Passaic have been cleared, but neighborhoods around Delawanna and Veterans Park still need work.

Side streets in Newark also need attention, according to residents.

Some residents in Clifton are marking on-street parking areas with objects after they shovel them, as a way to preserve parking spots.

"I don't have a driveway to park in," says Raymond Aiello, of Lyndhurst. "I like to have a spot when I get back."

Joe Doughey, of Harrison, says the effort isn't worth it. "I worked nights so many years," he says. "You shovel it out. You come back. It's gone."

Officials say plunging temperatures are further complicating efforts to keep the streets clear.