CHESTER - A Chester teen with cancer is able to attend school with his peers thanks to advanced technology.

Sabastian Quinn, 14, was diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“We went for a physical, and that’s when I found a lump,” he says.

The eighth-grader who wrestles and plays football wanted a way to stay active at school from his home. Through a charity known as The Valerie Fund, Quinn was able to get a V-Go Robot.

The device is Wi-Fi connected and allows him to control the robot’s features at school from his own home. Quinn is able to take notes, get called on and even participate in group work. Using controls, he is able to navigate the robot through the school always.

“He is here,” says history teacher David Leckie. “He answers questions, asks questions. It’s terrific.”

Quinn hopes to be able to return to school, in person, soon. Once he does, the V-Go robot will then go to a first-grader in the district.

Each robot costs around $7,000. Quinn’s parents have set up an online donation drive to raise money for more V-Go robots.