FORT LEE - Parents, students and teachers in Fort Lee are angry over the school district’s decision to change the school calendar at the last minute.

The Fort Lee school district has decided to shorten the spring break period by three days. 

School Superintendent Dr. Paul Saxton says the reason for the change is the teachers’ contract. It calls for the teachers to work 187 days. They actually have been working only 184 days.

Saxon says paying the different costs $390,000 a year.

“I could not put out a calendar that doesn’t reflect the true value of what they are being compensated for,” he says, adding that taking the days away from spring break is better than adding them to the end of the school year.

However many students and parents are upset.

“For a lot of people who plan trips out of state or out of the country, or general vacations, it’s ridiculous,” says senior Kai Roper.

“I was going to study for the quarterlies,” junior Diana Lee says.

The superintendent says students with vacation plans will be given excused absences that will not negatively impact their attendance.  

The teachers’ union tells News 12 New Jersey that it feels the move is a retaliation against it and that the district is violating fair labor practices. 

The union plans to fight the calendar change.