OAKHURST - New Jersey's rivers, streams and ponds are overflowing with rain from the latest wintry mix and melting snow.

Whalepond Brook in Oakhurst spilled out into several backyards on Branch Road and creeped dangerously close to homes.  The narrow waterway can't absorb all the melting snow and heavy rain. 

Harry Scharmberg says he, and other neighbors, are prepared in the low-lying, flood-prone area. "I have sandbags on the other side. I have them stacked up," he says.

The ground in the woods is so saturated that large trees continue to fall. Neighbors say they crash down all hours of the day and night.

The storm drains are clogged with snow and ice, which adds to the drainage issue.

Public works crews are digging out Oakhurst’s drains, but say uncovering them will take time.

Scharmberg says he's always worried about what the next storm will bring.