JERSEY SHORE - With a little less than two weeks until the unofficial start to the summer season, the hot spots at the Jersey Shore are preparing for the influx of visitors.

In Bradley Beach, the Shore Break Grill is stocking up on supplies to run their restaurant. A delivery truck brought all the paper products the grill will need to sell their chicken sandwiches and ice cream.

The Bradley Beach Public Works Department was out making repairs to make sure the promenade is ready too.

"We get another week and we'll be ready," says Richie Bianchi with the department.

In Spring Lake, picnic benches and bike racks are being put into place to prepare for all the people who will be visiting the beach this season.

With temperatures in New Jersey above normal the last week, many were already out on the sand before the season even officially starts.

"This is the best time of year. It's windy, it's warm. It make me feel alive, it's great," says Dimon.

For now, beaches are free to use. Beach badges will be required once lifeguards come on duty on Memorial Day.